Trent Dilfer and John Brenkus Announce New Series 'Soul and Science' -- Airs on NFL Network

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Trent Dilfer and John Brenkus Announce New Series 'Soul and Science' -- Airs on NFL Network

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NEW YORK, NY (April 10, 2018) - Trent Dilfer (Super Bowl winning Quarterback for The Baltimore Ravens and former ESPN analyst) and John Brenkus (host and creator of the 6-time Emmy Award winning Sport Science), have teamed up to create a new property called Soul and Science.

Soul and Science will feature Dilfer and Brenkus as they provide in-depth analysis of athletes in every sport, with Dilfer exploring the intangible factors (Soul) that make an athlete special, and Brenkus diving deep into the biomechanics (Science) of elite athletic performance.

In a groundbreaking deal with NFL Network, Soul and Science segments will be featured exclusively throughout the entire NFL Network platform (both linear and non-linear) in the weeks before, during and after the NFL Draft. The segments will feature the top quarterbacks in this year's draft class including: Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson​Mason Rudolph and Luke Falk among others. With the Quarterback position arguably being the most physically and mentally demanding position in all of sports, Dilfer and Brenkus will break down the measurable and immeasurable aspects of each player and how their respective skill sets will translate from college to the NFL.

NFL Network is planning to debut each Soul and Science segment on their flagship shows Good Morning Football and Total Access as well as across all digital platforms on April 18.

Vice President/Executive Producer of NFL Studio and Remote Production, Mike Muriano, said, "Soul and Science is a dream partnership between Dilfer and Brenkus that will examine the position of quarterback unlike anything before. We look forward to delivering our audience this incredibly unique content."

Regarding the trailblazing partnership, Brenkus said, "Trent's expertise in analyzing the position of quarterback is unrivaled in the industry. He truly understands the tangibles and intangibles that make a quarterback successful at the highest level."

"The scientific work that John has done in the past has truly changed the way we look at sports," adds Dilfer. "And John and I both agree that science is only one lens through which we should examine a player."

Soul and Science will launch additional content with soon to be announced deals across the world of sports and beyond.


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