Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers LB Devin White

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Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers LB Devin White -

2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Quotes

Raymond James Stadium – Sunday, February 7, 2021


(on winning by a large margin) "It matters. It matters from the start to the finish. We talked about beating them bad. We knew they wasn't physical enough. You know, they're like, real gimmicky on offense and man, we don't play like that man. We like smash man football and we like coming down here and getting in them trenches. That's what we're built off. That's what we're the number one rush defense in the league and that's why on the backend, we strapped up, man. We knew we wanted to blow them out. We knew whatever we gave them in that first game, it was because they got because we gave them, and Todd Bowles wasn't letting that happen this game."

(on the point they knew they'd be Super Bowl champions) "I can't even answer that question. I just know, man, we were just out there like finish them, finish them, finish them. We didn't want them to score. That was our biggest thing, we did not want them to score because like, everybody say they the best offense in the world and they was going to score 30, 40 and they didn't score a single touchdown. Our whole mindset was just keep the foot on the gas. Even at the end, we still…they drove down, we still didn't want to let them score."

(on Todd Bowles' game plan) "I think the thing was, he mixed up the coverages. You know, we had a great game plan. He schemed it up great, man. They gave him too much time to scheme, even with a week of preparation, I knew it was the biggest days, he would've had the perfect game plan. And man, that guy's a mastermind and I say this, not selfishly, I wish he…I'm glad he didn't get a head coaching job. I love playing for him. He told me and Lavonte he was going to make us the best linebackers in the world and he told us he's going to make world champions, we just have to follow his lead and that's what we did."

(sealing the game) "It was great. I mean, I jumped…he threw one earlier where he just lobbed it up and I jumped too early, so I beat myself up on the sideline about it. But I told Lavonte and my coach that it was going to come back, and it was going to come back at the right moment. And that one, we was in zone defense, but we was kind of in a match and when CD tipped it up or whoever, Travis Kelce tipped it up, man, I just said I'm going to get this ball cause I didn't want them to score. So, I was like I went and get it and I was thinking about running there and I'll just get down, we run the clock out."

(on the defense's role in winning the Super Bowl) "You watched all the games when our offense, you know, was complimentary football, baby. It's complimentary football. They hold it down on they side, we hold it down on our side and at the end of the day, we all got the same color jersey one, we all got the same letters on the front of our jersey. We play for one another, so man, it don't matter who got the job done, who night it was. Just know, we came through to get a win, that's all that matter."

(on nobody talking about how good the Buccaneers' defense is) "I mean, we didn't take it personally, but it was crazy to us that we was still underdogs. We defeated Drew Brees, we defeated Aaron Rodgers and then, like, he was the MVP and we still was underdogs. Man, we just knew we had…we just wanted to win the Super Bowl. We didn't really care about what the media was saying because the media is not out there on the field. So, like I said, man, we don't even keep score, we just run that shit up and leave."

(on how the defense performed today) "Man, it was the biggest stage, so you know, I…we just challenge everybody to play their best. It was the last game of the season so leave it all out there on the line. Man, we just did enough to get the job done. That's all that matters, man. It wasn't pretty, you know, it was times where we just had to dig deep, and we dug deep, and we got it done."

(on the chemistry and comradery of the team) "Yeah, the whole team unselfish. Think about this…we had one Pro Bowler, but we was able to win a Super Bowl. How do that sound? It don't sound good, like how do we have only one Pro Bowler but a team with no Pro Bowler is able to go on and win the Super Bowl. Something's not right, but that's not what we play for. You know, we play for the bigger picture. See this trophy on this side, this side, whatever this side, the Lombardi? That's what we play for. That was the goal. It's in our building, all around our building. You know, one team, one goal and that's to put rings on our fingers. BA said it the first day we met, you know, when we was just 93 or whatever beasts, looking to make a roster. We went from that to 53 people that was looking to put rings on they fingers."​

(on how he's feeling right now) "I feel good, so blessed. I'm so thankful. Man, this is my first time ever since I was in little league playing in the Super Bowl and it just took a long time to get…you know, playing in the Championship period. I don't count the NFC Championship because that's not the ultimate goal, but this is my first time since little league playing in the Championship and I worked so hard. It's all I ever dreamed of. I always got a lot of individual awards, but that's not what I play for. I play to be the best in the world, for my team to be the best in the world and I was just so thankful to be able to take the stage tonight and you know, god was on our side, man. We put in a lot of work. I'm just so thankful."