Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians

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Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians -

2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Quotes

Raymond James Stadium – Sunday, February 7, 2021


(on Leonard Fournette) "Yeah, he's been fantastic. Running and catching and pass blocking, he's been an all-around back and he's done a great, great job for us."

(on the game plan for both coordinators) "Yeah, I thought all three guys had great plans. Byron did a great, great job. I thought just mixing up, running, passing and pounding them when we needed to, and Todd had a great plan. Keep them in front of us and let our front four get after them and they chased them around all night."

(on Tom Brady's performance and the drive to close out the first half) "Yeah, that was a huge drive for us, that two-minute drive with a minute and something. Just, you know, wanting to start out a little conservative, make sure we got a play in and we got the long pass interference. Made a great, great throw with Antonio and you know, he just played outstanding the whole ballgame. He protected the football; we had great protection and found a couple of guys like Antonio and Gronk. Both their touchdowns were impromptu plays and just did a great job. Great line, great tight ends and just everybody did a hell of a job. Team effort."

(on the strong offensive performances from guys on one-year contracts) "Yeah, I think you gotta give Jason Licht a ton of credit for this football team. He put a great roster together, picking up those guys and still staying cap friendly and, you know, we've got a very limited time to get into free agency and we'll try to keep our guys that's for sure."

(on Todd Bowles and his defense) "Yeah, I can't give him enough credit. You know, I think he got a little tired of hearing about how unstoppable they were. I thought he came up with a fantastic plan just to keep them in front of us and tackle real well. Patrick wasn't going to beat us running, we'd let him run all day. Just keep chasing him around and see if we can make some plays."

(on his future with the Buccaneers) "Hell no, I ain't going anywhere. I'm coming back, trying to get two and then we'll see after that, but no this football team, I love these guys and we have a great staff, great team. Hopefully Jason and I can get together and keep most of them and try to repeat."

(on when he realized Brady could successfully lead this team to the Super Bowl) "Yeah, it was slow and steady progress. Every game, every week and really, the second half of the Chiefs game, we made a nice comeback, but I think really, the 31 points we put on Atlanta in the second half. We started attacking more and we haven't stopped attacking since."

(on having family and friends in town for the game) "It was fantastic. We had a great day and a half with mom and my brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters in law, grandkids. Had a great morning this morning playing with my two-year-old grandson out in the backyard and pushing him on the swing and then came to the game. So, it, that's what makes this all so gratifying, to be able to share it with our family."

(on Gronkowski and his touchdown catches) "That was huge, man. That was huge, especially that second one. Gronk made a great adjustment but man, the protection was unbelievable for Tom to hold that ball that long and then made a great throw and catch."

(on what this moment means and if he could've imagined it) "No, not really. I think I'd a been smoking something illegal to really imagine this. I just can't thank Jason enough and the Glazer family for giving me this opportunity and my coaching staff. I mean they are outstanding. I don't do anything, man, they do it all and we have great, great players. And again, Jason gets all the credit for the roster and I just try to get out of the way and not screw it up."

(on the team coming together in such a short time) "It really wasn't that improbable, John, when you think of the professionals that they are. You know, these guys have history in the playoffs. When you start adding Tom and Robby, Leonard went to the Championship Game and AB's been in playoffs and they brought that confidence to all our guys. We were a very talented football team that nobody wants to give us credit for, but we're a very talented football team. We just need to believe, and the hardest thing is to build a culture where people start believing and we started believing pretty early in the season and we knew we were going to be a tough out. All we had to do was get in the playoffs."​

(on keeping this group together and going for another Super Bowl next year) "Yeah, I think the biggest thing is keeping our guys. You know, do what we can, make sure that we keep our guys here and hit a home run in free agency, just with our guys. Maybe an outside guy, just keep our guys and then Jason will hit another home run in the Draft, and we'll continue to build this football team. And you know, we don't have many week spots if we get the guys back that we want back and need back. We'll just be adding great athletes in the Draft."