Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers G Ali Marpet

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Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers G Ali Marpet -

2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

​Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Quotes

Raymond James Stadium – Sunday, February 7, 2021


(on Tom Brady's experience in the Super Bowl) "Yeah, I mean he definitely has that experience, and he brings that confidence with him. He's done it, he's had success and I think that confidence radiates through all of us and inspires us so that's always huge."

(on inspiring individuals with his journey) "It's unbelievable I feel so happy that I can represent the small school guys, the guys who have been overlooked. And honestly anyone who feels like they have been overlooked, but they know within themselves they can accomplish great things. So, I feel very happy to wave that flag."

(on "Playoff Lenny") "He's done a phenomenal job of getting hot at the right time, so I think that it's very fortunate. I feel like he's capable of doing that all the time, he's a great player. But sometimes it just takes a little while to understand the offense, the feel of everything, the feel of all your teammates. Again, he's just done a nice job of getting hot at the right time, we love that."

(on what to expect from the Leonard Fournette/Ronald Jones duo) "Both with Leonard and Ro [Ronald Jones II] you know that you're going to get someone who is going to run some people over and keep their feet hot. If it looks like a one-yard run, they are going to get three, four, five, six [yards], and then they also both have the ability to make really really big plays and make us all look really good. Those guys are phenomenal and they just balled out."

(on if he dreamed of winning a Super Bowl while in college) "I had a lot of goals throughout the way, I mean definitely early on while I was still a senior at Hobart [and William Smith Colleges]. My goal honestly was to try to make a 53-man roster. Obviously the benchmark has changed along the way. So, I do feel very fortunate that we as a team have been able to get to the highest standard and win the most important game. So no, did not see this coming and it's all the more exciting because of it."

(on athletes playing Division II and III football) "I'd say for anyone, focus on getting better. I mean every day, what can you do to make yourself an NFL player, there is always something. You need to have that awareness piece like what are the things that I need to get better at and having a plan. Hopefully you have smart people around you that can help implement a plan that will get you better.

(on shutting down Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones and defensive end Frank Clark) "I think from an offensive scheme point we did a great job of mixing in some play action, some screen stuff, some misdirection just so you are not dropping back and throwing the ball forty and fifty times which I have been a part of and it's never a recipe for success. They are a tremendous front so knowing that you have to change it up and you have to put yourself in a good position. I think we did that, and it feels really good.

(on playing for Tom Brady and making it to the NFL from a Division III) "So playing with Tom is just unbelievable. The fact that he has been doing it for this long and is still so enthusiastic about the game and still able to pull guys along is unbelievable. I mean he truly loves it, and guys feel that, and I think that it just pulls guys in that direction. As far as the division III I said it before, it doesn't matter where you play as long as it is important to you and you are focused on getting better, they [NFL scouts] will find you. It's not going to be the easiest road, but they will find you.

(on being drafted with left tackle Donovan Smith and sharing the moment) "It's unbelievable, both of us know how hard it is to get here. We had five years of not even sniffing the playoffs some years, but I think it makes the experience all the better to be able to share it with someone who has been grinding it out and knows how hard it is. And not just Donovan I mean its guys like Lavonte [David], Will Gholston, Mike Evans, Cam Brate, all guys who have been here for a long time who have done it the right way. We just didn't have the right pieces or whatever reason we couldn't get it done, I'm just so happy for all those guys."

(on what the offensive line did to have success today) "From a scheme standpoint we put ourselves in a good position by mixing in some play action and have a healthy run game I think that makes things a lot easier, you're not just dropping back and chucking it down the field. So credit to Byron [Leftwich] for putting us in a good position. There's been a lot of games where we are just dropping back and throwing the ball forty and fifty times and that is not a recipe for success, and I think we did a nice job of changing things up.

(on knowing playoff opponents from facing them in the regular season) "I think it's really important. I know personally I feel that if I played against someone it is an advantage. I feel that if you're playing someone twice in the same year you know how they play things, you know how they fit things. It makes you play a little bit faster so its huge that we played all of those teams earlier on except Washington obviously. We're just really fortunate I guess.  

(on winning the Super Bowl in Tampa at Raymond James) "Greg it means so much, you know how much of a grind it was to get here. I think for guys like Lavonte [David] ,Mike [Evans], Will Gholston, Cam [Brate], guys who have been here for a little bit it just feels unbelievable. We know how hard it feels to get here and for whatever reason we have not been able to get it done. Now it just feels like it's been a long time coming and I feel so happy to be able to share it with those guys because we know the work we put in. It's unbelievable."