Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers CB Carlton Davis

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Super Bowl LV - Buccaneers CB Carlton Davis -

2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Super Bowl LV Quotes

Raymond James Stadium – Sunday, February 7, 2021​


(On defensive game plan) "We just played top-down coverage. We knew if we just took away the deep ball, we'll have a good chance of interrupting their timing and how they like to run plays. We know that they love to take shots. We knew that if we eliminated that deep ball, we knew we would be in the game."

(On slowing down Kansas City offense) "I mean, I don't have [anything] to say. If you watch the game, you'll see that all the talk. All the outside noise, everything the media was saying all week. We never paid attention to it. We knew who we [are]. We know that we're some 'gravediggers'. We dig graves, and that's what happened."

(On getting retribution on Kansas City wide receiver Tyreek Hill) "It was never about [Kansas City wide receiver] Tyreek Hill. He's a good player, really talented. But, it was always about us. It was never about them. I know the media wanted to make it as if to stop Tyreek was the whole game plan, but we had to stop the whole offense. We had to stop the Chiefs, and he was definitely part of that game plan. But, it was so much more than just Tyreek that we had to do and we went out and did it."

(On ability to keep up with Kansas City skill players when offense extends plays) "It's something that we knew that they did a lot, and we knew that they had a lot of success on [Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes] getting out of the pocket and just creating more time for his receivers to get down field. So, that was a big emphasis this whole week to just stay [with] the receiver. Stay on top of him when [Mahomes] is outside the pocket, and just trust our [defensive] line and trust that they'll get him down."

(On overall evaluation of season) "It was a roller coaster season. We had our highs and our lows, but we just stuck to the plan. We just stayed down with each other, believed in each other always and just fought together and we just continued to fight. Even when we [were] in the Wild Card, we fought. [In the] Divisional round, we fought. [In the] conference championship [game], we fought. It just says a lot about or team, it says a lot about our coaches, [and] it says a lot about this organization that we aren't going down without a fight."

(On motivation to beat a team that you lost to earlier in season) "That's all the motivation you need, especially the way we played the Chiefs the first time. We knew that we had to prove a point tonight. We knew that it was a challenge. To be able to play the [New Orleans] Saints again, where they beat us twice. To play [the] Green Bay [Packers] again, and to just play the Chiefs again. It was something [where] we had a chip on our shoulder, especially with the Chiefs. We just wanted to prove ourselves to not only them, but to the world."

(On development of young players in secondary) "The guys upstairs really believe in us, even though we are [in] year three, year two, and some rookies. They just really believed in us and they just continued to push us all season. They felt like we didn't need a [veteran] because we were already on our way to becoming something special. Thanks to [defensive coordinator Todd] Bowles, thanks to [head coach Bruce Arians]. Thanks to [general manager] Jason [Licht] for just believing in us to get the job done."

(On importance of already playing teams in the playoffs that they saw in regular season) "It definitely gives you an upper hand when you have already played the team. You know their personnel; you know what they liked to do. Obviously, it's the playoffs and you have to expect everything. But, just to have the knowledge of knowing what they like to do and knowing who their guys are gave us a boost on just studying them and game planning against them. So, to see them again on the big stage is something that you always want. You always want to see [it] because game planning for a new team is obviously going to take more time and a lot more studying."

(On what it says about defense after defeating three elite quarterbacks in playoffs) "I don't want to toot our own horn, but I feel like we're the best defense in the NFL. If you disagree with that, you can just check the tape. Check the tape. We did it over and over again. All season long, the defense came through and as a team, we came through. Just check the tape and let me know what you think."

(On defensive emphasis being yards after catch) "Yes, it definitely was. Especially with [tight end Travis Kelce) and (wide receiver Tyreek Hill]. We know those are guys that take advantage of yards after the catch. We made it our job to get them down and just really limit them and keep them in front of us."