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S Ricardo Allen

2016 Regular Atlanta Falcons English

(on Patriots WR Julian Edelman’s catch) “Rocky (CB Robert Alford) was covering him. He was doing a really good job. The ball popped up in the air and all three of us ended up going for the ball but we ended up going low and he ended up getting his hands on it. Because we went low, we were trying to catch the ball off the ground. It ended up landing on our arms and our legs and stuff like that, and he was able to grab it off our legs and make a pretty good play.”

(on whether his arm was under the ball) “Yeah. I felt that I touched the ball, but he actually had it in his hands. I didn’t think he caught it but when you look at the replay he ended up making a pretty good play.”

(on whether he watched the replay) “Yeah. We ended up looking at it because we ended up challenging it. That ended up coming back to hurt us in the long run because we ended up losing a timeout and that could’ve helped us. That ended up being one of the plays that changed the game. It was a great play by him to keep competing. Even though the ball was tipped up in the air, he just kept competing. He followed the ball all the way to the ground. We all hit each other and he ended up coming out with the ball on top.”

(on his reaction when Edelman first got up) “I didn’t think he really caught it. I thought the ball actually hit the ground. He kept saying, ‘I got it, I got it.’ I’m like, ‘You didn’t catch that.’ It ended up being a catch. It ended up a pretty good play for them. It ended up being one of the plays that helped change the game.”

(on what changed in the second half) “Nothing really. They just came out and they were clicking. They came out and they were hitting their players and stuff. They were making plays. They came out (in) the second half and they took their game to another level. They just started competing, man. They competed more. We competed with them but they made more plays in the second half.”

(on Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn’s postgame message) “We’re still a brotherhood. We’re still family, man. We have to learn from this. It’s a tough learning lesson. This is one of the worst learning lessons you can get in this world, but we’re just going to keep building. We have something here good going. We just have to keep building from it. We have to keep learning from it. This brotherhood is going to get closer, man. We just have to all play together at all different times.”

(on how encouraging it is to have such a young defense) “It is. It’s very encouraging because we came out this whole year and we battled. We battled against the best, man. We battled against one of the best tonight. He got the upper hand, but it’s encouraging that we were so young and we made it this far. We have to realize though, that you have to compete all four quarters. These quarterbacks and these greats in these kind of games, they’re never out of the game. They’re never, ever out of the game.”

(on whether Patriots QB Tom Brady is the greatest of all time) “Yes, yes.”

(on the Patriots starting slow) “They didn’t give up. (When) most teams get down like that they just give in, but that team was a fighting team. That team fought all the way out. We have to do better. We have to do better. We have to keep fighting. You can’t get complacent by being up. That was one of the big things we talked about on the sideline, don’t get complacent. I don’t think we did, but it didn’t come out the right way.”

(on the defense getting complacent with a lead) “I don’t feel that I did. I can’t personally say for others because I’m not there feeling for them. I feel like we were still out there competing, we were still out there grinding. They just made plays in the fourth quarter. By the time it gets to the fourth quarter you know the game plans and stuff like that and they executed theirs in the fourth quarter better than we did on our half.”

(on his emotions) “It makes you numb. I’m kind of numb. Like, I don’t really know what to feel. I’m broken inside because this is not us. I’m kind of numb to the feeling, man. It’s terrible. It’s one of the worst feelings ever. I’m not a guy that forgets very easy. I’ll probably never forget this.”