Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan

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Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan

2016 Regular English

(on the play calling following Falcons WR Julio Jones’ catch with 4:47 remaining) “I don’t remember the exact plays we ran after that. I want to say we ran it on the play after that. From what I remember, I think we ended up in second and 11, then we were throwing it, trying to get back into field goal range, get a few yards. We got sacked and then we were out of field goal range. We got to try to throw it to get back into field goal range, which we did. We had a holding call and then we were out of it again, so we had to throw to try and get back into field goal range.”

(on if he wanted to run the ball more later in the game) “You always want to run the ball if you can. You have got to look at each situation – when you’re getting the ball, what’s the down and distance. We got a few big plays there in the pass game, missed a couple in the run game. Had a couple of guys go down – a running back, a tackle. We got behind the chains a little bit and we were trying to score there. We got into field goal range, which would have ended it. Getting that sack and that holding call was tough.”

(on why the team did not run the ball when in field goal range on the aforementioned drive) “I think we did on first down; I think we lost a yard. You don’t think, just run the ball and make your guy kick a 50-yard field goal, you try your hardest to give him a great chance to for sure make it, but we ended up getting a sack and it’s not really an option after that.”

(on the Patriots adjustments in the second half) “They went to a little bit more man-to-man coverage. They controlled the ball very well – they did that well in the first half, too. I think they had 19 plays in the first half, had three points off of it. I know the defense got a score for us too, which is great. We had a couple of drives where we moved the ball and came up short.”

(on the team going one-of-eight on third downs) “We didn’t move the chains. I’ll go back and watch it later. I’ll watch it a lot. I’m sure I’ll have a better answer after that. There is no one reason, didn’t get it done.”

(on the difficulty of being ahead and balancing time management and being aggressive) “Yeah, there’s always a fine line with it. I thought we got a little bit stale for a little bit, a couple of three-and-outs, we got into a couple of second-and-ones right away on those three-and-outs, ran the ball on second-and-one. I think one time we had a holding call which got us into a second-and-11. I think another time, we lost yards and got us into another third down and we didn’t convert on those third downs. It’s not really about the run-pass ratio that I look at, it’s you stay on the field and run your offense. We went three-and-out two times, which is huge and we had second-and-one on both of them and then third. It was tough, that’s how we let them get back into the game.”

(on second guessing everything after a game like this) “That’s every game. You look at everything – what could have happened, what could have gone different. You wish you could have ran on more plays, but when it was said and done, we had a chance there at the end. We got into field goal range, took that sack and then had that holding call and we got out of it. You give the ball back to Tom Brady too much and that’s usually what happens)

(on the thought behind not running it when already in field goal range) “No. The thought is to get as many yards as you can. It was by no means an easy field goal. From what I remember, we ran it on first-and-10, lost yards and got into second-and-11. We tried to get us a pass to get us back in a manageable third down, closer to a field goal and we took a sack – taking a sack on second-and-11 got us into a third-and-20, so we threw a quick pass trying to get us back into field goal range, we did, but there was a holding call on the play. When you get a holding call on third-and-20, it goes back that far, we were way out of field goal range and we tried our best to get back in and couldn’t get it done.”

(on the difficulty of knowing he won’t be able to rectify it with this group) “This is the first time I’ve had this feeling. I think it’s tough for everybody, it’s as tough as it gets. It’s not just me, it’s everybody in this organization.”

(on what the Patriots did to limit WR Julio Jones) “Just what they do to everybody – they double him every single play.”

(on Matt Ryan’s play and what happened on the fourth quarter fumble) “I thought Matt played really well. Looking at the game, we’ll obviously go back and evaluate everything as a coach, but Matt made a lot of big plays. The big-time throw to (Austin) Hooper in the first half for the touchdown. I think there was some confusion on that protection (leading to the fumble), (Dont’a) Hightower came free, Matt didn’t see him. You expect him to be picked up, he didn’t see him and that’s what happens.”

(on the difficulty of the Patriots controlling the clock) “It’s always tough. You want to get out there, get going, keep your rhythm. It’s always a tough challenge, but it’s kind of what you expect going against Tom (Brady). He’s as good as it gets. He moved the chains well and kept them on the field for a long time. We could have done something about it a couple of times, we had a couple of three and outs there – I believe in the fourth – which allowed them to get back in.”

(on if Julio Jones was moved inside to help with the double teams) “Yeah, and we do that every week, it wasn’t anything different. We move him all over. It changes the defense to see how they adjust, they doubled him wherever he was. You can get him some different looks, but it also gets other people different looks too.”

(on how good he felt when Jones made the remarkable catch on the sideline) “It felt real good. It felt like we were right there, at least able to kick a field goal from that area. We ran it the next play, I think we lost a yard, took a sack on the next one and got out (of field goal range) real fast. You never feel good until those points are scored and the game is over. But Julio made a hell of a play to get us down there and I was feeling pretty good.”

(on what’s to happen next with the San Francisco 49ers) “I actually have no clue. It’s actually the first time that I’ll go back and spend some time with my family. Hopefully, go down and see some of these guys. I don’t really get a chance to talk to them in the locker room, but there’s a lot of guys I really want to go spend some time with tonight. So dealing with that and thinking about that tomorrow.”