CB Robert Alford

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CB Robert Alford

2016 Regular Atlanta Falcons English

(on whether the team’s preparation set up his interception return for a touchdown) “Oh yes, of course. We studied. We had two weeks to study those guys, so we knew the majority of the things that they run and that was one play that we’ve been going over for two weeks.”

(on his fumble recovery) “I wish I could have just picked it up and ran it for a touchdown, but I knew Deion (Jones) does a great job. He ripped it, I had seen the ball and I recovered it. I squeezed it at all four points like coach said and just made sure that no one takes it off of me.”

(on what LB Deion Jones brings to the team) “Deion has been phenomenal this whole year. He progressed each and every week. He became a playmaker on the defensive side, so coming into this game he was able to sell some of his ‘twos’ also, but unfortunately we fell short.”

(on Patriots WR Julian Edelman’s acrobatic catch) “It was a play call. I had seen the ball. I ran into his hip and then I looked back and the ball was right there. All I could do is get my hands up to hit it. I knew if I tipped it in the air – it’s something that we’ve been going over at practice. Just tip it in the air and if you can’t get it, then my brother will get it. Edelman was right there. I think it was Ricardo (Allen) and someone else that was battling for the ball, but on the instant replay he came down with it.”

(on Patriots WR Julian Edelman’s ability to complete the catch) “I couldn’t believe that he caught it. It was a nice bat by me. I hit the ground. I was trying to do everything in my will to get back up and at least try to make a play back up on it, but I thought that ‘Rico’ (Safety Ricardo Allen) or one of my brothers would get it, but they all were battling for it and Edelman came down with it.”

(on his assignment on the Edelman reception) “It was a man-to-man coverage. I saw him cut in. I went to undercut him and the ball was right there. Like I said, I ran into his hip and the ball was right there when I got my head around. All I could do was to tip it in the air and was just hoping that one of my brothers came down with it.”

(on whether fatigue played a part in the second half) “I wouldn’t say that, because we had two weeks to prepare for this game. We went through a whole season of getting in shape, so I don’t think that triggers why it went down in the second half, wasn’t fatigue.”

(on his interception returned for a touchdown) “It was an interception. We didn’t win, so I felt like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. An interception is not why I came in this game to fulfill. I came to this game to fulfill bringing that trophy back to Atlanta. I feel like I let those guys short. I feel like there was something that I could have done for my brothers out there that I could have done and at the end of the day, the interception doesn’t make me. What makes me is winning.”