CB Malcolm Butler

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CB Malcolm Butler -

2016 New England Patriots


Super Bowl LI – Thursday, February 2, 2017



(on if the team will zone in on Sunday more now that media availability is over) "Been approaching it that way the whole time, right from the jump. Of course today is the last day of the media, but media or not, you've got to lock in either way it goes. That's how I approach the game."


(on if it's harder for players to prepare with their families arriving today) "In my opinion, I would say no. We're down here on a business trip, of course you want your family here. You want to have a good time but it's a little bit too late for that, it's time to lock in."


(on how Super Bowl LI is different for him than his previous Super Bowl XLIX appearance) "Last Super Bowl I didn't even know if I would be on the field, but I prepared like I would be. This year, it's totally different. I'm expecting to play, I've got a role I've got to go out there and execute. I didn't expect all of the media like my first year when I first got here going into the league. I've got a bigger idea of what to expect since I've been to one already."


(on if the media attention after his performance in his last Super Bowl was difficult to handle) "Most definitely, it was kind of hard for me. It was different and it was very overwhelming, but that comes with the territory.  I just had to get used to it, as I kept moving forward still trying to get used to it. It comes with the territory so you've got to deal with it."


(on how he remembers intercepting Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in Super Bowl XLIX) "I'm going to always remember it, one of the biggest plays in my life. Biggest moment in my life so I'm going to always remember it."


(on if he can see himself repeating a win-sealing interception this Super Bowl) "I'll do whatever it takes to win. I don't expect them to come that way again."


(on how often he watches his Super Bowl interception) "I've watched it a lot of times. I see it all the time getting tagged in it on social media. Seen it a lot of times."


(on if he thought there was a chance he'd be inactive Super Bowl XLIX) "I knew that I'd be up but I didn't expect to play. Like I said once before, I prepared like I was going to play. I got my opportunity and I made the best of it."


(on if his win-sealing interception shows that you never know who can step up and make a play in the Super Bowl) "Most definitely, it's going to be a player that's not going to expect to play. He's going to get his opportunity to go out there and I'm a valuable lesson of just be ready when your name is called."


(on if it's strange to think potentially the best play of his career came his rookie year) "I'd agree with that; you can't top that. Not at all."


(on if it's relieving to be done with media availability this week) "Like I said once before I approached it being focused the whole time, media or not. It's a big game so you've just got to deal with the media and make sure you stay on track. Get your game plan in that's what matters the most."  


(on if he had any television interviews during his last Super Bowl media availability week) "Actually I didn't, I was out there sitting at one of those tables. Only one guy was talking to me and I'd seen him yesterday. We got well acquainted."


(on practice being 'chippy' today) "We just went out there to compete and try to get better. Try and take care of each other and get better at the same time, that's what we do."


(on how QB Tom Brady reacts when he trash talks him in practice) "He'll just look at me. If he gets me he's going to talk trash to me, if I get him I'm going to say something to him. But you know, it's all just competitive stuff out there and we're just trying to get better."


(on if trash talking fires him up in practice) "Yeah, in a way, in a way. You just can't go out to practice and be bored all the time, you've got to start something. Anything to get the team going."


(on the circumstances that allowed him to be on the field during Super Bowl XLIX) "We've got a package called 'O-line-three corner,' and I came out for a play after that crazy play happened. I came off the field and got another opportunity to go out there and it was just the play call. Three corners out there so I've got to go out there."


(on if he recognized the Seahawks formation from game preparation which allowed him to intercept the ball) "Most definitely. I was expecting run but I told myself, 'I'm going to read the wide receiver.'"


(on his emotions as he intercepted Wilson) "I really can't even remember that part. I really can't remember that part, I won't sit here and just give you a story. But it was a great moment, all I can remember is my teammates jumping on top of me. Some of them were crying so that made me shed a couple tears. That's all I remember."


(on if he thinks about what winning Super Bowl XLIX did for Brady's legacy) "No matter what would have happened, I still think he's a great quarterback. I still think he's one of the greatest to play this game but it didn't happen that way, he got it. We got it, so that's all that matters."


(on how his relationship with Brady changed after Super Bowl XLIX) "The relationship stayed the same. Tom always complimented me when I'd pick his ball off or lock his ball down when I was a rookie in training camp. Becoming an older player, just going with the flow. He's a great guy."


(on if there's added pressure in Super Bowl LI because of his previous Super Bowl performance) "No pressure, I still feel the same. Just another game, a bigger game. No pressure."


(on what Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu brings to the table) "Sanu, he's a great player. Got size, can catch the ball, he can run with the ball in his hands. Tough guy, give a lot of effort. Just a fiery guy, they've got a lot of great weapons on that side of the ball."


(on if he feels he should be considered one of the NFL's elite cornerbacks) "You know, no matter what no one thinks I'm going to always believe in myself. That's what got me here."


(on what areas of his game he feels he's improved on the most since coming into the league) "Since I became a starter I think I improved on being a pro football player. Studying film, taking care of your body, understanding the game. Understand the defense matches what I'm doing, what our other 10 players are doing. I've really progressed on the football side."