DE Brooks Reed

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DE Brooks Reed -

2016 Atlanta Falcons


Super Bowl LI – Wednesday, February 1, 2017 



(on the media presence this week) “Definitely a lot of media attention here, but that’s a given, given it’s the Super Bowl. Obviously it’s a big game for us. A lot of attention for sure.”


(on coming back to Houston) “It’s awesome, man. Being drafted to Houston, (I) lived here for four years and played here for four years. Coming back for the Super Bowl is just amazing, man. It’s surreal. It’s an awesome experience. I have family here and stuff, so it’s great to be here in the place I’m at.”


(on telling teammates where to eat) “Houston has so many good restaurants. They could walk down the street and find a good place. Close their eyes, walk down the street and they’ll probably run into a good place to eat. Definitely been telling guys where to eat and areas to go to and whatever.”


(on his favorite memory with the Houston Texans) “I would say winning both the playoff games here in Houston, my rookie year and my second year. Both against Cincinnati.”


(on what led to his production this postseason) “It’s just this much time working on my craft and knowing what everyone else likes to do, and knowing what kind of rushes guys like to do, and me just kind of compensating and making it a more balanced rush.”


(on transforming his body since last season) “Oh, yeah. Last year was totally different than this year for me, physically, mentally. This year it just has a different feel as far as being on the field and performing. It has definitely helped, just a year of being able to train.”


(on affecting Patriots QB Tom Brady in the pocket) “There’s a variety of stuff that they’ll obviously be prepared for, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty and winning games, it’s just all about winning one-on-one matchups.”


(on the difference between this week and last week) “All the media and stuff. I guess that’s the biggest difference. Being from here, it’s nice being familiarized with the town. I lived here for four years. Obviously (it’s) a totally different experience this week than last week.”


(on keeping the schedule the same) “At the end of the day, we’re going to do what we do and just keep doing the things that we did to be successful. Whether we have to squeeze in media, we’ll do that. The rest will fall into place.”


(on when it became clear he could play in the NFL) “I kind of remember specifically a moment when I decided – and I wasn’t even that great of an athlete. I played offensive line and I was like, ‘Man, I love this game. I want to play in the NFL. I want to be great at something that I can work at every single day.’ I was playing for the Cowboys on the east side of town (Tuscon, Ariz.). It was just a moment after a game when I was like, ‘I love this game. I want to play in the NFL.’ There was no plan of how to get there. I just made a decision.”


(on making that dream a reality) “I just kind of planted it in my subconscious and always worked really hard from that point, really. Just kind of had a different attitude.”


(on the number of interviews this week) “Media is the whole part of the experience. It’s fun, man. A lot of players aren’t able to experience this. It’s the big show. It’s what comes along with it and it’s just a part of the whole experience. It’s awesome.


(on meeting his wife in Houston) “My rookie year, yeah. It was Thanksgiving and her family kind of had an open door policy and a mutual friend and I brought some food. I didn’t have anywhere to go. The last year I ate at Sonic, I think. So, they invited me, not even knowing who I was, and that’s kind of how we met.”



(on what playing a Super Bowl in Houston means for his family) “It’s awesome. We were married here in Houston in 2015, so it wasn’t too long ago. There’s some good memories here, for sure.”


(on how much bigger Houston is than Tucson, Ariz.) “A lot. I consider Tucson a small town, like a college town. I love Tucson. Coming to a bigger city like Houston, it’s very suitable for a younger person and growing up. It’s a great city. Inside the loop, inside (Interstate) 610, downtown, there’s a lot happening. Good music scene and plenty of places to eat and meet people. It’s a great town.”


(on living in Houston in the offseason) “I train here and have family, so I’m still rooted here.”


(on the number of ticket requests for the Super Bowl) “A lot. I maxed out the allotment. A lot more requests than I could hand out. Once you get past your allotment then you have to go on to StubHub.”


(on the moment it became clear the Falcons were a special organization) “I think right when I met Dan Quinn, T.D. (Thomas Dimitroff) and the upper management –Scott Pioli. The teammates I was surrounded by, just great quality guys. That was the goal, initially, to bring in a great group of guys and then to build upon that. That’s what we did last year, and this year everything has kind of melded together and guys are on the same page and buying in to the system. It’s awesome to see and be part of, for sure. It’s a pretty great sacrifice that everyone has to do to get here. Now that I understand what it takes, it’s pretty meaningful.”


(on Dan Quinn’s similarities to Pete Carroll) “I’m sure he brought over a couple tricks from over there. He has an awesome personality and a great attitude toward the game and he’s definitely a player’s coach. You want to play hard for him because he puts so much into it. You can tell. Every day is different. Meetings are different every day. It’s never the same – just a slideshow or whatever. He puts his own style and taste into every meeting, you can tell. He always has a different message every day. Going through the motions, it’s never that feeling. There’s always a task to get done each day, like a mission. That’s kind of what he has brought. He doesn’t make it monotonous during the season. Guys are always working on something.”


(on how his game has developed since leaving the Texans) “I think my position has definitely changed a little bit. I’m not really a dropper anymore. I’m just going after the quarterback, which I like and prefer. I’d rather not cover quick running backs and try to catch quarterbacks. Working with guys like Dwight Freeney and playing with guys like Vic Beasley Jr., it’s cool to see different styles of pass rush. Knowledgeable guys like Dwight, that I modeled my game after at Arizona watching tape of Dwight on YouTube. To be able to play with him and take advice from him, I’ve just been like a sponge. That guy is so knowledgeable and knows so much. He’s like another coach, honestly.”


(on why the loss to the Chiefs was a turning point) “I think it was because we were feeling pretty good at that point in the season, like we were on the rise. After that, it was pretty humbling. Like, it’s not just going to happen. You have to put the right work in and focus in every single week. Things happen. The other team gets paid too, the other players get paid too. It’s the most competitive league in the world. But from then on, it kind of seemed like a switch came on and just another level of focus.”


(on Head Coach Dan Quinn’s message after the loss to the Chiefs) “I think it was somewhere along the lines of there’s going to be tough points along the season where you’re going to struggle. All that matters is how you react and persevere and how hard you play the next game. Everyone is going to lose in the NFL. It’s only a matter of time. It’s just how you react to a loss and whether or not you come back stronger the next week.”