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Peyton Manning -

2015 Denver Broncos


Super Bowl 50 – Tuesday, February 2, 2016




(on WR Jordan Taylor and their relationship) “Well I thought Jordan had a great training camp, made a lot of plays and his size and his ability to go out and make high point catches as we call them really stood out, so I knew the coaches were glad they were able to keep him as part of their practice squad. When I was injured, I wanted to throw in the indoor facility and the best time to do that was before practice and kind of during meetings and the only player that would be available to run routes – you couldn’t get Emmanuel (Sanders) or DT (Demaryius Thomas) – was going to be Jordan Taylor down on practice squad and Jordan was great. I really have to commend him because he was running routes for me and then he was going out there to practice and he plays scout team wide receiver, but he also plays scout team free safety. He plays on both sides of the ball and here I am out there putting him through a pretty intense workout. I’m bad at saying ‘one more.’ I am bad to say, ‘hey, just one more post route, just one more 20-yard comeback route.’ We worked hard and it was really helpful for me and I really appreciate his efforts.”


(on how cool is it to be matched up with another No. 1 draft pick QB Cam Newton) “Yeah, we don’t play against each other, but it’s a great matchup between two great football teams in the Broncos and the Panthers and so that’s where the matchup is. Talking about Cam Newton, like you said, he was the number one pick a couple of years ago, had an outstanding career at Auburn and, like I said yesterday, he’s just off to an incredible start of his young NFL career. He’s definitely earning that honor of being the number one pick by being the player that he is.”


(on Carolina secondary’s uniqueness) “It’s a very active secondary. They do a lot of different things, play a lot of different coverages, all of them blitz, all of them are part of the blitz packages as well, play man-to-man well, play zone well, you can tell they’re well coached. You can tell they communicate real well, see them talking out there and all those things are very evident on the game film”


(on how he has to start against the Carolina secondary who leads the league in turnovers) “I think you always want to get off to a good start in any game that you play. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t get off to a good start that you cannot win the game, but there is no doubt the last two games that they haven’t gotten off to good starts, they’ve gotten off to great starts and it really put both Seattle and Arizona in a hole and they were playing the catch up game starting in the fourth quarter. That’s not ideal against any team, that’s not ideal in a playoff game, and it’s not ideal against a team that’s won 17 games this year. That’ll be something that we certainly want to do, it’s easier said than done, but it’s still—the goal is try to start well but certainly to try to finish even better.”


(on how has what he can control changed as he’s gotten older) “I don’t know. Control is your word, I don’t know if I’d use that word. I think as a quarterback I think it’s your job to prepare to have an appreciation and respect for the cerebral part of the game, try to find some type of edge, and for me I’ve always tried to find some type of edge from the cerebral part as a student of the game. I think that has been pretty consistent throughout my career, but I think you have to be able to adjust based on who you’re playing with, based on the head coach that you’re playing for, the system that you’re in. Like I shared yesterday, I’ve played 18 years, played for five different head coaches, I played a couple of systems with a lot of different teammates and I think the fact that I’ve been flexible, been willing to learn new things, try new things, take different styles of coaching, I think that has helped me.”


(on how TE Owen Daniels helped him learn Kubiak’s system) “Having Owen Daniels in the huddle was very helpful. I mentioned (quarterbacks/passing game coordinator) Greg Knapp last night, the fact that Greg had been here before with me and the players that were here the past couple of years, but it also still worked with Gary Kubiak and (offensive coordinator) Rick Dennison. So kind of having that translator, if you will, helped. Then Owen, to have in the huddle, a play call would come in and I would recite the play just basically repeating it trying to process it at the same time and Owen would sort of remind you at the very end what route he had, who’s hot on this play or Demaryius (Thomas) had a post route. So he was doing a lot of coaching out there, still does I would probably say in the huddle, giving reminders. He’s been with Coach Kubiak for 10-plus years now so he’s been very helpful.”


(on how preparation is a big part of who he is if he has to guard against not over-preparing for the Super Bowl) “I think there’s probably something to that, not for me, but probably for anybody. You certainly have more time to prepare than you normally would, usually you have one week and even if you have a bye week in the middle of the season you’re not spending that bye week working on the next opponent, you’re using it to physically rest and get away if you will. I think it’s helps in this situation because we’re playing a team that we are not very familiar with, it’s not a team we play on a regular basis. Played them three years ago, but a lot of different players on both sides of the ball since then. I think having the two weeks does help considering the fact that you have to spend a little bit of time setting your travel plans and trying to get some tickets for some high school buddies and some college buddies, which is actually a fun part of it. I’ve got some high school buddies, some college buddies coming to the game that have been to every other Super Bowl that I’ve played in. These are guys that I’ve known since I was a little kid and have special friendships and relationships with so it’s fun when you call them and say, ‘Hey, got a couple seats for you, do you want to go?’ So I think it’s good to have an extra days to be able to take care of that and then get into your preparation.”


(on his offseason workouts with fitness trainer Mackie Shilstone) “He helped me a lot. I went down to New Orleans, I was coming off a little bit of an injury the season before and so it was a combination of trying to prevent further injury as well as some good hardcore training. I really appreciate the hard work that he put in helping me. He’s definitely helped me a lot as far as this season.”


(on if he knew TE Owen Daniels would take on such a big role early on this season) “Well, sure I knew Owen was going to be a big part of this team. We lost (Jacksonville Jaguars tight end) Julius Thomas, (tight end) Virgil Green was back, but Owen was going to play a big role and of course the fact that he was so familiar with this offense and Coach Kubiak has played with him, or coached him for all 10 plus years, he could speak the language. Owen has had an outstanding career. I played in a couple Pro Bowls with Owen over there and use to play him a bunch when the Colts would play in Houston. So I definitely thought he’d have a huge role in this offense and he was awesome against the Patriots two weeks ago, had two textbook classic routes, double move type routes that he executed them to the T. So it’s a real credit to him, he’s been a great pro throughout his career and I’m excited for him getting a chance to play in his first Super Bowl.”


(on if he knew quarterback Brock Osweiler would step up and perform well after spending time in the meeting room) “Well Brock went out there and just flat did it and, like I said, I can’t speak for him, I think he can only speak for himself, but he has prepared hard, he has worked hard, he’s been very professional and he went out there and took advantage of that opportunity and played well and, like I said, easily could’ve gone 6-0 as a starter, had a couple of strange losses against Oakland and Pittsburgh, made a lot of plays. I knew he was real comfortable in this offense, I think that helped as well, but he went out there and just flat did it.”


(on if quarterback Brock Osweiler studies as much as him) “Brock, like I said, is very professional, always comes into meetings very prepared you can tell he studies a lot. I’ve never kept hours, we don’t really have like a, what do you call it, a punch clock. Yeah, we don’t have that but I feel that he does what any quarterback should do as far as the mental preparation.”


(on Carolina’s linebackers) “We’ve pretty much covered every position by now so pretty exciting scouting report. Like I said about their entire defense, it’s an impressive group. The linebackers make a lot of plays, they have great speed, they’re physical tacklers, great coverage ability, a lot of compliments to throw out there. These are things you probably already knew. It’s a solid bunch and they have some depth at that position as well.”


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