NFL Strikes New Content and Advertising Partnership with Reddit

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NFL Strikes New Content and Advertising Partnership with Reddit

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​​​First-Of-Its-Kind Partnership Links Reddit and NFL Communities Through Year-Round "Ask Me Anything" Content Series and First-to-Market Advertising Opportunity


The National Football League (NFL) and Reddit today announced a new partnership that will connect Reddit's more than 330 million monthly active users directly with the NFL's diverse network of talent and personalities for a season of unique "Ask Me Anythings" (AMA's) and a video content series with first-to-market advertising opportunities for brands.


The AMAs will feature members of the NFL community – from active players and NFL Legends, to  league and club representatives, behind-the-scenes playmakers and even fans – who will engage directly with redditors to build community around the NFL and provide a more in-depth look at areas within the NFL ecosystem that have played a key role in its growth through the past 100 seasons.


The traditional Reddit text AMAs will provide content for a video series produced by the NFL, which will be distributed broadly across both Reddit and the NFL's media channels including digital and social platforms of the league and its clubs. Advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor these unique NFL "AMA videos," unlocking a new pre-roll advertising opportunity for third party brands.


"There are millions of passionate NFL fans engaging deeply within Reddit communities every day," said Blake Stuchin, NFL Vice President of Digital Media Business Development. "We are excited to partner with Reddit on this first-of-its-kind 'Ask Me Anything' content series to reach and engage our fans in a new way that we hope further enhances the NFL community and conversation on Reddit."


Since establishing its official Reddit profile, u/NFL, earlier this year, the NFL has been actively connecting with Reddit communities through AMAs with a variety of groups including Chicago Bears legend Devin Hester, NFL Network Insiders and researchers​ who share first-person perspectives on their roles within the NFL with redditors.


"We're thrilled to work with the NFL as our first partner to test a brand-new type of content and advertising relationship," said Alexandra Riccomini, Senior Director of Business Development & Media Partnerships at Reddit. "Reddit is among few places on the internet with such an active, passionate and engaged community of NFL fans, and we can't wait to see how this partnership continues to build community for the NFL brand and teams on and off the platform."


Reddit is one of the top online destinations for sports fans, with almost 9 million visitors to NFL communities on the platform each month. Fans can learn more about the people, personalities and groups from the NFL that will be featured in Reddit AMAs, by visiting or checking out the NFL's official Reddit profile u/NFL.




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