NFL Preseason Dates & Times Announced

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NFL Preseason Dates & Times Announced

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The dates and kickoff times of the 65-game NFL preseason schedule were announced today, beginning with the annual NFL/Hall of Fame Game between the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts in Canton, Ohio on Sunday night, August 7. 

Televised live at 8:00 PM ET by ESPN, the NFL/Hall of Fame Game is the first of eight national preseason telecasts carried by NFL broadcast partners CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC that will feature five 2015 playoff teams. 

NFL Network will also provide extensive coverage of the NFL preseason, including live game broadcasts in all four weeks of the preseason. NFL Network’s preseason broadcast schedule will be announced in July. 

The 2016 preseason schedule was announced on April 7 without dates and times, which now have been confirmed.

The complete 2016 NFL preseason schedule: 

2016 NFL PRESEASON SCHEDULEAll Game Times Subject to Change


Sunday, August 7 (NFL/Hall of Fame Game)

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Green Bay vs. Indianapolis (Canton, OH)                      ESPN                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p


WEEK 1 – AU​GUST 11-14

Thursday, August 11

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Washington at Atlanta                                                                                     7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Tampa Bay at Philadelphia                                                                             7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Carolina at Baltimore                                                                                       7:30p (ET)           7:30p

New Orleans at New England                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Jacksonville at New York Jets                                                                        7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Denver at Chicago                                                                                          7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Friday, August 12

Miami at New York Giants                                                                              7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Detroit at Pittsburgh                                                                                         7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Minnesota at Cincinnati                                                                                   7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Cleveland at Green Bay                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Oakland at Arizona                                                                                        7:00p (MST)        10:00p

Saturday, August 13

​Seattle at Kansas City                                                                                     3:30p (CT)           4:30p

Indianapolis at Buffalo                                                                                     7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Dallas at Los Angeles                                                     ESPN                      5:00p (PT)           8:00p

San Diego at Tennessee                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Sunday, August 14

Houston at San Francisco                                                                               4:00p (PT)           7:00p


WEEK 2 – AUGUST 18-20

Thursday, August 18

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh                                                                                7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Cincinnati at Detroit                                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Atlanta at Cleveland                                                                                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Oakland at Green Bay                                                                                    7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Chicago at New England                                                                                8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Minnesota at Seattle                                                                                        7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Friday, August 19

New York Jets at Washington                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Miami at Dallas                                                                                               7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Arizona at San Diego                                                                                      6:00p (PT)           9:00p

Saturday, August 20

Carolina at Tennessee                                                                                    2:00p (CT)           3:00p

New York Giants at Buffalo                                                                            4:00p (ET)           4:00p

Baltimore at Indianapolis                                                                                 7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville                                                                             7:30p (ET)           7:30p

New Orleans at Houston                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p

San Francisco at Denver                                                                                7:00p (MT)           9:00p

Kansas City at Los Angeles                                                                            7:00p (PT)          10:00p         


WEEK 3 – AUGUST 25-28

Thursday, August 25

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Atlanta at Miami (Orlando, FL)                                        NBC                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Dallas at Seattle                                                                                              7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Friday, August 26

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

New England at Carolina                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Buffalo at Washington                                                                                     7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Pittsburgh at New Orleans                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Cleveland at Tampa Bay                                                 CBS                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Green Bay at San Francisco                                                                          7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Saturday, August 27

Kansas City at Chicago                                                                                 12:00p (CT)          1:00p

Detroit at Baltimore                                                                                         7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Philadelphia at Indianapolis                                                                             7:00p (ET)           7:00p

New York Giants at New York Jets                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Tennessee at Oakland                                                     CBS                        5:00p (PT)           8:00p

Los Angeles at Denver                                                                                   7:00p (MT)           9:00p

Sunday, August 28

San Diego at Minnesota                                                   FOX                      12:00p (CT)          1:00p

Arizona at Houston                                                           FOX                       3:00p (CT)           4:00p

Cincinnati at Jacksonville                                                NBC                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p


Thursday, September 1

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Jacksonville at Atlanta                                                                                    7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Tennessee at Miami                                                                                         7:00 (ET)            7:00p

New England at New York Giants                                                                  7:00p (ET)           7:00p

New York Jets at Philadelphia                                                                        7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Pittsburgh at Carolina                                                                                      7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Indianapolis at Cincinnati                                                                                 7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Buffalo at Detroit                                                                                             7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Washington at Tampa Bay                                                                              7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Chicago at Cleveland                                                                                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p

Houston at Dallas                                                                                            7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Green Bay at Kansas City                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Los Angeles at Minnesota                                                                               7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Baltimore at New Orleans                                                                               7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Denver at Arizona                                                                                          6:30p (MST)         9:30p

Seattle at Oakland                                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p

San Francisco at San Diego                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p



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NFL Preseason Dates & Times Announced