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NFL Health and Safety Update—February 19, 2014

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NFL Health and Safety Update—February 12, 2014

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NFL Health and Safety Update—February 5, 2014

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NFL Health and Safety Press Conference

The NFL today released injury data as part of a press conference on health and safety, including information on ACL/MCL injuries and concussion rates.

At the event, DR. JOHN YORK, San Francisco 49ers Co-Chairman and Chairman of the NFL owner’s health and safety committee, spoke on the NFL’s commitment to research, DR. MATT MATAVA, St. Louis Rams team physician and President of NFL Physicians Society, talked about the role of the team physician, DR. MITCH BERGER, Chair, Subcommittee on Former Players and Long-Term Effects of Brain and Spine Injury, NFL Head, Neck & Spine Committee; Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery, University of California San Francisco, discussed advances in the science around head injuries, and JEFF MILLER, NFL Senior Vice President of Health & Safety Policy, presented data from recent years on a variety of injuries.

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Mississippi Passes Youth Concussion Law

Mississippi GOVERNOR PHIL BRYANT signed the Mississippi Youth Concussion Act into law today. Every state in the nation now has a youth sports concussion law.

The legislation contains three core principles:

  • Concussion education for young athletes and parents
  • Immediate removal of an athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion or brain injury
  • Mandatory clearance of the athlete by an appropriate health care provider – including a licensed physician, a licensed nurse practitioner or licensed physician assistant, who is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions – before returning to practice or competition.

The act applies to school-sponsored/interscholastic sports in Grades 7 through 12.

“Mississippi is pleased to enact Return to Play legislation that will help protect both athletes and coaches,” Mississippi Governor PHIL BRYANT said. “Sports and athletic activities are an important part of life in Mississippi, and taking the steps outlined in this new policy will ensure a safe environment for children.”

“This is an important moment for all young athletes and their parents,” said NFL Commissioner ROGER GOODELL. “During a week when all eyes are on the football field, we congratulate Mississippi leaders on helping to protect young players, no matter what sport they play. We will continue to focus on making our game better and safer and setting the right example for all athletes when it comes to health and safety.”

The youth concussion laws were inspired by Zackery Lystedt who, in 2006, suffered a brain injury following his return to a middle school football game after sustaining a concussion. Zackery, his family and a broad range of medical, business and community partners, including the NFL, lobbied the Washington state legislature for a law to better protect young athletes in all sports.

In May 2010, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent letters to governors of 44 states that did not have concussion laws urging them to pass a law similar to the Lystedt Law and pledged the NFL would advocate for the laws until every state had one.   In the letter, Commissioner Goodell said sports and political leaders can help raise awareness of concussions while ensuring proper and effective treatment. The NFL and its 32 clubs actively advocated for the passage of youth concussion laws throughout the country.

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NFL Health and Safety Update—January 29, 2014

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GE & NFL Announce Sixteen Round One Winners of $20M Head Health Challenges

GE (NYSE: GE) and the NFL announced today 16 winners in the first stage of the $20 million “Head Health Challenge.” Each of the winners will receive a $300,000 award to advance their work to speed diagnosis and improve treatment for mild traumatic brain injury. GE and the NFL will provide mentorship, access to GE researchers and industry thought leaders with the opportunity for up to six of the awardees to win an additional $500,000 award in 2015.

The goal of the Head Health Challenge is to improve the safety of athletes, members of the military and society overall. The winners were selected from more than 400 entries from 27 countries, after having been reviewed and nominated by a panel of leading healthcare experts in brain research, imaging technologies, and advocates for advances in brain research.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “These studies hold the promise of advancing brain science in important ways. The health and safety of our players is our top priority, and this challenge extends that commitment to the general population as well. We hope the innovative approaches proposed by these winners will have a lasting impact on the treatment of head injuries.”

Sue Siegel, CEO of GE Ventures & healthymagination, said, “We launched the Challenge as a call to action to fast-track advancement in head health. The Challenge has shown us a remarkable number of breakthrough ideas that deserve attention, investment and further research. By advancing the work of these winners, we will better understand brain injuries suffered by athletes and members of the military and improve our knowledge of the brain overall which could help improve our understanding of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”

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NFL Health and Safety Update—January 22, 2014

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NFL Health and Safety Update—January 15, 2014

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NFL Health and Safety Update—January 8, 2014

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