Would You Let Your Son Play Football? 85% Say “Yes” in HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll

HBO Real Sports and the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion Study partnered on a survey about youth football.

Results from the survey, which included 1,204 American adults and was conducted in July 2013, were released to the public today.

Among the findings from the HBO Real Sports/Marist poll:

  • 85 percent of adults surveyed said that if they had a son, they would allow him to play football if he wanted to.Of the parents surveyed with a son 18 or younger, 87 percent indicated they would allow their son to play football.
  • 70 percent of adults surveyed agreed that the benefits of playing football for boys outweigh the risk of injury.Of the parents surveyed with a son 18 or younger, that figure rose to 73 percent.
  • 74 percent of adults agreed that football is a good way to build character and that boys should be encouraged to play the sport.Of the football fans surveyed, that figure rose to 81 percent.
  • 94 percent of adults indicated that at least some people in their community follow and talk about football during the season.

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