NFL-NCAA Coaches Academy kicks off in Charlotte on Sunday

Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera to deliver opening night keynote

28 former NFL players to take part

The NFL and NCAA will offer the third annual NFL-NCAA Coaches Academy on February 17-19 in Charlotte, it was announced today.  The program, developed in 2011 by NFL Player Engagement and the NCAA, will provide 60 coaches/coaching prospects – including 28 former NFL players and nine current NFL players (list below) — with tools and networking opportunities for potential careers as football coaches. 

Many of the participants currently have high school or college coaching positions. The NCAA also invited football coaches who have less than eight years of college coaching experience to take part. 

Carolina Panthers head coach RON RIVERA will serve as the opening night keynote speaker.  Additional keynote speakers for the program include Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator MIKE NOLAN, University of Pittsburgh head coach PAUL CHRYST, and NFL Network analyst and former Redskins and Texans general manager CHARLEY CASSERLY.

“This is an excellent opportunity for players who are looking to continue their careers on the football sidelines to learn leadership, management and administrative skills from football coaches at all levels,” said TROY VINCENT, NFL senior vice president of player engagement.

Sessions will include instruction from NFL, college and high school coaches, business leaders and athletic administrators.  Topics include how to build a personal and professional brand; managing budgets; successful networking; health and safety; media messaging; coaching contracts; building relationships in college; effective leadership; understanding the academic landscape; and the interview process.   Participants also will experience mock interview sessions. 

“Our partnership with the NFL provides a broader base of networking and access to essential information and key influencers for football coaches who want to become head coaches,” said ROBERT VOWELS, NCAA vice president of membership and student-athlete affairs. “We look at this Academy as an opportunity that could positively influence the diversity numbers in the collegiate coaching ranks and as a way to get exposure for some of the most talented coaching minds in the football industry. We believe the partnership and the Academy overall will have a positive effect for the NCAA and the NFL immediately and in the future.”

The NFL partners with the NCAA on a number of additional initiatives including:

  • The NFL-NCAA Champion Forum for those who have been identified as potential head coaches by college administrators, this program simulates the intercollegiate interview process from researching the position to their first staff meeting after becoming a head coach.
  • The NFL-NCAA Future Football Coaches Academy for those who have recently completed their collegiate eligibility, and have a desire to enter the college football coaching profession.
  • The NFL-NCAA Life Skills Education and Professional Development Summit shares best practices for the development of student-athletes.
  • The NFL-NCAA Life Skills Summit Round-table for Student-Athletes provides student-athletes with a forum to discuss the resources and support that they need in order to meet their personal and professional goals.

Click here for a list of participants in the NFL-NCAA Coaches Academy.

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