NFL Game Ranks as Most-Watched Show on TV for Eighth Consecutive Week

Giants-Cowboys Second-Most-Watched Show of Fall

Games Top Local Ratings in 24 of 30 NFL Markets

The FOX national telecast (mostly N.Y. Giants-Dallas Cowboys) was the most watched TV program last week (Oct. 22-28) topping all sports and entertainment competition with 26.9 million viewers. This marks the eighth time in eight weeks that an NFL game has topped the viewership charts.

For the season, NFL games rank as the 12 most-watched TV shows since Labor Day. Following are the most-watched programs this fall:

Program Viewers
1. NBC Sunday Night Football (Steelers-Broncos), 9/9 27.6 million
2. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-Cowboys), 10/28 26.9 million
3. FOX Sunday National (mostly 49ers-Packers), 9/9 26.4 million
4. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Patriots), 10/7 24.5 million
5. CBS Sunday National (mostly Texans-Broncos), 9/23 24.0 million
6. NBC Wednesday Night Kickoff Game (Cowboys-Giants), 9/5 23.9 million
7. CBS Sunday National (mostly Jets-Patriots), 10/21 23.0 million
8. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-49ers), 10/14 22.8 million
9. NBC Sunday Night Football (Giants-Eagles), 9/30 22.8 million
10. FOX Sunday National (mostly Saints-Packers), 9/30 22.3 million
11. NBC Sunday Night Football (Lions-49ers), 9/16 21.3 million
12. NBC Sunday Night Football (Patriots-Ravens), 9/23 21.3 million

Locally, NFL games topped ratings in 24 NFL markets last week:

Program # of NFL Markets Ranked #1
NFL Football 24
MLB World Series 3
Big Bang Theory 2
College Football 1 (Florida-Georgia)

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