Commissioner Goodell Transcript: 2012 NFL Draft PLAY 60 Youth Clinic


 April 25, 2012

 On the status of the Saints bounty-rule matter:

 We are in the final stages of working on the discipline that will involve the players.  We hope to be doing that very soon and get that behind us.

On if player discipline resulting from the Saints bounty-rule violation will be announced before the 2012 NFL Draft:

 I don’t anticipate it.  We want to complete the work we started.  We want to make sure we are thorough and fair.  With all that we have to do with the draft for the next couple days, it is not likely that we would get it done in advance.

On if the player discipline announcement would come during or after the 2012 NFL Draft: 

Once we are done, we will issue it.  As I said, we are going to probably be distracted here with the draft for the next couple of days.  I don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on it.  We have others working on it full time.  I will meet with them over the next several days.  If we are done, we will get it out.

On monitoring other teams for bounty-rule or non-contract pay-for-performance bonuses: 

When we issued the initial findings and the discipline, we asked each club to certify that they are not involved in any kind of pay-for-performance program or bounty program and to certify that it will not be going forward.  The focus has not just been on the Saints.  We obviously got the information on the Saints.  We followed it and we have been following up with other teams.

On reports regarding Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and tapped lines:

 It has been given to the federal authorities.  They are doing their work.  We will wait and see if there is any credible information that comes from that.  At that point in time, we will take whatever steps are necessary if necessary.

More on the timing of the player discipline from the Saints bounty-rule investigation: 

We are still doing some additional work.  We are in a position where we should be able to wrap that up soon.  As soon as we do, we will issue our decision.

On introducing the future draft selections who are in New York City to the NFL: 

I met with all of the 26 players who were here.  I met with them in three separate groups this morning.  It was an open discussion.  They asked some questions.  I had some things that I shared with them.  It was more about how to enjoy the next couple of days.  This is a dream of theirs.  They are now realizing that after years of work, but once you get through this, the hard work begins.  Several of them asked for advice on how to do things right going forward and what services are available.  We talked about that.

On mentioning the bounty-rule investigation to the future draft selections: 

I was much broader.  We weren’t specific to anything.  In my office, I have an NFL shield up.  I pointed to it and said, ‘Everything we do has to reflect well on the integrity of the league and that shield.  Everything that you do, everything that I do and everything that our clubs’ coaches do has to reflect well on that.  It is our responsibility to improve the integrity of the league and make the league better than when you came into the league.’  I think they all understand that and respect it.  They are great young men.

On the Draft evolving into a three-day primetime event:  

When I first came into the league, it was one of my responsibilities as a young intern to actually start working on the media information for all of the draft eligible players.  I have always loved the Draft.  It is a very important and fundamental aspect of the league in competitive balance.  I always found that it was intriguing to see how people approached the draft.

I believe what we have been able to do over the years is get people to understand how important it is to building a successful organization; how they evaluate individuals and the difficulty of doing that and the strategies involved in trying to do that; and share that with our fans.  That is why we have 50 million-plus people watching the Draft now.  It is like the ultimate reality show.  People want to see these individuals who have worked so hard to get to that day walk across the stage, be drafted and start their careers and watch them and follow them.  It is part of what we have tried to create in the offseason – a year-round interest in the game and the people who play it.

On potentially hosting the NFL Draft in other cities:

 We discussed it.  Our biggest changes in the last few years was reducing the time in many of the rounds and moving it to primetime.  Those had a great impact.  We have discussed the idea of if you would move one of the rounds, one of the evenings or one of the days to another site because there is a lot of interest in doing this in other markets.  We are still not there yet.  We are still debating that.

On if the NFL has conducted all of its interviews pertaining to the Saints bounty-rule violation: 

No, we are still doing some work.  We are still talking to people.

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