Steelers’ Dan Rooney on CBA negotiations: “Status quo is not an option”

“The status quo is not an option,” said Pittsburgh Steelers chairman Dan Rooney in a Los Angeles Times story by Sam Farmer on Rooney’s concern about the lack of progress in the NFL labor negotiations.

“I just believe that [the opposing sides] could work out an agreement,” Rooney said. “There are points that could make this deal better for everyone. I just think the negotiators should get it together and start doing what they should do, and get a deal. If they sit down and work things out, I think they could have a deal rather quickly.

“It’s in everybody’s best interest to get a deal.”

Rooney said that he does not favor an 18-game regular season and would be willing to pass up the additional revenue that would go to teams and players. But he noted that he was also against the 1978 shift from 14 regular-season games and six preseason games to 16 regular-season games and four preseason games.

“That worked out fine,” he said.

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