Atlanta CB Dunta Robinson: Falcons’ use of technology to help players “a great thing”

Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter writes in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution under the header “Falcons embrace technology to enhance performance.”

“The Falcons are on the cutting edge when it comes to using technology to enhance athletic performance,” Ledbetter writes. “During practices, the team monitors players’ heart rates, training loads and recovery time. Team officials study how each player can enhance his performance by analyzing the data transmitted from the monitors to a laptop computer on the side of the field.”

Falcons’ trainer Marty Lauzon, assistant strength-and-conditioning coach Bill Hughan and director of athletic performance Jeff Fish oversee the program.

“It takes into consideration their age, weight, maximum heart rate and gives us a value on really how hard and how much energy expenditure each guy has,” Fish said. “It kind of falls into line with what we do with the individual assessments of guys.”

From the data, Ledbetter writes, the team can determine “which player expended more energy, how hard he worked and how much his body was taxed. Finally, data will make a projection on how much recovery time the player needs.”

“They can tell if you’re not recovering and what time you recover the next day,” said veteran Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson (above right). “This technology is getting crazy, but it’s a great thing.”

Ultimately, Ledbetter reports, the technology could be used to better arrange workouts and practice schedules.

“We want to be able to get to a point where we know what the demands are on a guy like [linebacker] Curtis Lofton for four quarters of football,” Fish said. “That would allow me to build running workouts and conditioning workouts to match his game-day requirements.”

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