NFL calls on AFL-CIO to “ensure that union commits to serious negotiation”

In response to a letter from the AFL-CIO to NFL owners about the league’s collective bargaining negotiations with the NFL Players Association, the NFL called on the AFL-CIO to ensure that the players’ union commits to serious negotiation.

The NFL issued the following statement to The Associated Press in response to the letter:

“We share the interest of the AFL-CIO in achieving a negotiated settlement that is fair to fans, clubs, and players, who have received more than $20 billion in salaries and benefits under the current CBA, and who have experienced steady growth in compensation despite the worst economic downturn in our lifetimes.

“We pledge to the AFL-CIO the firm commitment of the NFL clubs to reach a fair settlement that is good for everyone, especially fans. Nobody knows better than the AFL-CIO that it takes two parties to reach a labor agreement, and we call on the AFL-CIO to encourage the NFLPA to make the same commitment to collective bargaining that NFL owners have made.”

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is commonly known as the AFL-CIO.

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