Forum with Commissioner Goodell provides unique experience for fans

Green Bay Packers shareholders in attendance at the annual meeting on Thursday were treated to a visit from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, one that included a “Fan Forum” in the afternoon during which Goodell answered questions from shareholders and special guests of the team in the Lambeau Field Atrium, reported.

“I can’t tell you what a privilege it was to be here today,” Goodell said to after the meeting.  “As I said to the fans and the shareholders, being in Lambeau Field and looking up at the crowd and all of the green and gold and seeing all of those names up there was really a special treat.  It was one of the highlights of being commissioner, I’ve got to tell you, so it was really great to be here.”

That excitement was mutual for the shareholders that were randomly selected on Thursday to be part of the hour-long “Fan Forum” during which fans were able to interact with Goodell directly.  Shareholders composed more than half of the 120-person audience for a show that was scheduled to be aired for a national audience on NFL Network on Thursday night (click here to find portions of the “Fan Forum” on

“To get the commissioner’s ear for an hour or hour and a half, it was great,” said shareholder Kelly Coyle of Plover, Wisconsin.  “A lot of times you just get the sound bites on TV, but here you got the full answer.

“It was absolutely my favorite part. Everything else becomes pretty standardized in terms of the procedural stuff at the meeting, and certainly this is something that made it really unique.”

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