New York Giants president John Mara reflects on Giants Stadium

New York Giants president John Mara (right) took his final tour of Giants Stadium in April before demolition of the stadium began, writes John Branch in today’s New York Times.

Mara recalled the first game in the stadium on October 10, 1976 and his father’s reaction to the 13-7 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

“I remember being in the locker room with my father afterward, and how disappointed he was,” he said of Wellington Mara, who co-owned the team from 1930 (at age 14) until his death in 2005. “And I remember Marty Schottenheimer, who was our defensive coordinator, walking up to him in the locker room and saying, ‘I’m sorry we ruined your day, Mr. Mara.’ And he said, ‘Oh, you didn’t ruin it.’ But he wasn’t telling the truth.”

John Mara, wrote Branch, spent much of his final visit to the stadium in his father’s old office – which John occupied since 2006.

“I stood there for a while,” Mara told Branch. “It was tough. It was tough. We got all of his pictures out, but it was tough. Because that was his office. It wasn’t really mine. I was just borrowing it for a while.”

With the remainder of Giants Stadium being cleared in the coming weeks, Mara is ready to move on.

“I’ve spent a lot of emotion on it already,” Mara said. “Now I’m just ready for it to come down.”

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