Green Bay Packers work with players on life after football

Green Bay Press-Gazette sports editor Mike Vandermause recently spoke with Packers player development director Rob Davis (right) about preparing players for their post-NFL careers.

“We certainly try to get them to be proactive in their approach to life after football,” Davis told Vandermause. “That’s the part I see so many retired players struggle with because they don’t have the confidence to do anything outside of football.”

Writes Vandermause: “The Packers offer players educational material for life after football, and Davis attempts to arrange internships and other career opportunities.” 

“One of saddest things I hear from players is, ‘All I know is football.’ That’s a very, very dangerous statement,” said Davis, an 11-year long snapper for Green Bay. “Football is kind of like La La land, where guys don’t get a true definition or true description of what the real world is all about.”

“I don’t think a 35-, 38-, 40-year-old guy should just lay around on the couch and play golf,” Davis added. “I think he should be doing something on a daily basis that’s going to give him that drive, that passion, that confidence that he can hold a conversation, be in a different setting other than the football field, and still feel confident. I’m not sure most guys feel that way once they get out of the football arena.”

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