Houston Texans owner Robert McNair: “Five million people own the team; it’s their team.”

At his recent induction into the University of South Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, Texans owner Robert McNair discussed the fans of Houston embracing the team.

“In Houston, I’ve got five million people who own the team,” McNair told the Associated Press. “It’s their team. When we win they’re excited and when we lose they’re not very happy.”

“We’ve got to get over the hump and that means getting in the playoffs,” McNair acknowledged following last year’s first winning season (9-7) in Texans’ history. “That’s what we’re working hard to do.”

McNair also discussed the labor situation. “We’re optimistic and all of our people handling negotiations are optimistic,” he said. “Our attitude is we’re going to get a deal. We all want to avoid any interruption. It would be quite harmful to fans, players and everybody.”

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