New York Times: NFL optimistic about new HGH testing tool

In a New York Times sports cover story today, Michael Schmidt examines a new tool to test for human growth hormone, which is banned by the NFL.

Schmidt writes that the “test similar to one used in cancer treatments has antidoping officials encouraged that they have found a new, and important, way to catch athletes using human growth hormone.”

“Known as the biomarkers test,” Schmidt continues, it “signals whether the person has used H.G.H. over the past 10 to 14 days.”

NFL vice president Adolpho Birch (left), who oversees the league’s testing program, said:  “We are aware of the biomarkers test and have been following its development closely. Our advisors keep us informed on the scientific progress and we are in regular contact with USADA and WADA officials.

“The Partnership for Clean Competition, a research consortium that we founded along with other partners, recently held a conference at which the state of the research in this area was thoroughly discussed. We are optimistic that the biomarkers test will advance the ability to detect growth hormone and we fully intend to push for its use in our sport as we have the currently available isoforms test.”

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